A small-footprint WebRTC native C library for IP cameras and embedded systems

liburtc (μRTC or microRTC) is a minimal WebRTC library for embedded systems and microcontrollers. It is lightweight, portable, and free.

In contrast to other WebRTC implementations, it aims to be nimble, with a small footprint, minimal dependencies, and simple build process. It does not aim to implement all parts of WebRTC, but rather only those commonly used within embedded devices, such as IP cameras. For instance, H.264 is the only supported video codec, and there is no support for software acoustic echo cancellation (AEC).

Getting Started

git clone https://git.liburtc.org/liburtc
Browse git: master

Design Goals


Latest documentation is available here.


NATprobe: Test behavior of Network Address Translators from your browser.


For discussion, patches, or support, please use the mailing list.